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Diane Neglio studied life sculpture at San Diego State University. Since moving to New Jersey in 1998, she has been furthering her studies, translating the natural world into three-dimensional sculptures in clay. She believes that education should never stop and went back to school to earn a teaching degree at William Paterson University, in New Jersey.

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In Figurative sculpture, I have made it my focus to capture a mood through the myriad of expressions that cross the human face and body. It can be seen in the sensual curve of a woman’s back or the slight tilt of a child’s chin, conveying silent language in all its complexities. Small nuances in the face and body can speak more powerfully to us than words can ever convey.

The direction her sculpting has taken in the last year has been to add new elements such as plants and flowers to her works in order to surprise the viewer with a twist.  In place of an upper body there might be a grassy plant or flowers where hair should be.  Diane says, “It reminds us that we are all still part of the earth and one with nature”. The mix of hard surfaces like terracotta against the softness of silk flowers and plants provides an unexpected combination that is intriguing and invites closer inspection.

Painting has also been an on-going exploration for Diane.  Whether it’s painting on a 3-D surface, as in her sculptures, or a 2-D surface, it’s all about texture and mood.  She enjoys painting in many different mediums, Acrylic, Chinese ink, Oil, and Watercolor.  Her most recent paintings have a more sculptural feel as she adds things like sand to her acrylics, striving to make the paintings come up off the canvas, to create more depth.  Using primarily two bold colors, like blue and green for an example, is a beautiful way to bring out the richness of each color, while letting them play nicely together at the same time. 
Diane’s artwork has been exhibited in many regional shows including: Riverdale Art Gallery, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, Inc., Ridgewood Art Institute, Lambert Castle, William Paterson Power Arts Gallery, and others. Diane is an active member of, National Sculpture Society, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, Studio Montclair, Inc., Clifton Art Assoc., and Salute to Women in the Arts. Her works are in many private collections around the United States.  For more information please visit:  dianeneglio.com

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